Tori and Andrew | Engagement - Springfield, MO

Get ready to fall in love with these two! They're precious!! 

Tori and Andrew attend Missouri State University. Tori is currently student teaching and Andrew popped the question with the help of her students. 

"He had my 4 year-olds hold up letters spelling out "Will you marry me?" Surprising me with flowers and the rest of the day off. It was amazing!"


When I asked Tori and Andrew to tell me what they loved the most about one another.

"She never fails to make me smile. I love how she is loving, caring, affectionate and is always full of energy. She can be herself around me, and we can act silly with each other and make each other laugh no matter what."


"Andrew has the most genuine heart. He knows how to make me smile in every situation and is super supportive."


You can tell that these two love each other very much! They were smiling and laughing through the entire session! I enjoyed the silliness they brought to the shoot. It was easy to photograph them! 

"We are always laughing and joking. You'll never see me without a smile next to him!"


The two love to go out to eat! They love going on dinner dates and try new restaurants.

They enjoy spending quality time at home watching HGTV and The Food Network. 

While at Missouri State University, Tori was a Sugar Bear and Andrew played soccer.

We got in a few shots before the sunset of the two wearing their fun MSU apparel! Loved these!! 

Congratulations Tori and Andrew! I am so happy to be your wedding photographer next summer!