Megan Chamberlin | Senior 2016 - Springfield, MO

"Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive" is Megan's favorite quote. 

Megan is a senior at Kickapoo High. She has a big heart and it shows! She is involved in the club "Pay it Forward," and enjoys being kind to people all around the community.  

Megan has a dog named Dusty. He is a schnoodle, and she loves him very much! 

I really enjoyed my time photographing Megan. Initially she is quiet, but after talking for a few minutes, her personality shined through! I loved hearing about everything she loves to do! 

"The best part of my senior year so far is being a part of the GO CAPS program for medicine and health care."

Megan is an intelligent and radiant young lady. She hopes to continue her education after graduation at the University of Missouri-Kansas City to pursue a pharmacy degree. Good luck Megan!