Damaris and Nick | Engagement - Springfield, MO

I met Damaris and Nick just a few weeks ago, and I had a great time getting to know them! Damaris is an absolute sweetheart, and Nick is very witty! These two will be getting married in August 2016, and I am so happy to be their wedding photographer! 

"I love everything about Nick, seriously. He is so patient and kind. He makes me laugh every single day. He puts me first in everything. I feel like a real princess with him."


Damaris brought Romeo, her little dog, on the shoot! I love when people bring their pets to sessions! We all know that our pets are a part of the family! 

"I knew I loved Damaris when I wanted to spend every minute with her...after spending every minute with her."


The two like to stay inside, make dinner together, and watch their favorite tv shows. When the weather is nice, they like to go out and try new things. The two enjoy going to parks and walking the trails. 

"I think we both just really enjoy each other’s company and “like” each other…so anything we do together is best!"