Annika Hylen | Senior 2016 - Springfield, MO

Annika is an absolute sweetheart!

She is a soft-spoken, kindhearted, intelligent, and loving young lady. 

We started Annika's session at All Saints Anglican Church. She was a natural in front of the camera! I mean, look at that smile and her gorgeous red hair! The light was just right and we had a great time snapping some shots here! 

After taking photos at All Saints Anglican Church, we drove to Rogersville, MO to take a few shots at the horse stable where she keeps Zula! Annika has loved horses for as long as she can remember. She absolutely loves riding and taking care of her beautiful horse. 

Annika strapped up and took Zula out for a few jumps! This was so much fun to watch and photograph! I forget how big horses are until I stand next to one. Zula is a sweet horse. You can tell that she loves Annika....especially when she sees an apple in Annika's hand. ;) 

Horses are such beautiful creatures.

I was reminded of this when Annika led Zula to jump over the posts. She jumped with grace and even listening to her hooves taping the ground was a beautiful sound to my ears.  

After putting Zula back into the pasture, we went out back and snapped a few individual shots by the hay bales. These were probably my favorite photos of the evening!