Maggie Temofeew | Senior - Table Rock Lake


A beautiful, joyful, loving, and radiant young lady!

This girl is so much fun! We traveled down to one of her favorite spots...Table Rock Lake.

She shared stories of great memories spent on this road -- running carefree and spending quality time with her loving family. In fact, for most of her session, Maggie did not wear shoes. 

So spunky! 

But there is a very sweet and sensitive side to Maggie. 

She has a big heart, a helping hand, and a very positive outlook on life.

Maggie plays soccer and has been awarded numerous medals throughout the years for outstanding performances. She will finish her final year of soccer at Catholic High School.

Can someone please put this girl in a magazine? 

Our final stop was the dock by the Temofeew's lake house.

Maggie is wearing an adorable maxi from one of Springfield's local boutiques -- Modern Society