Baby Reagan | Newborn - Springfield, MO

In honor of yesterday being Father's Day, today's post is about baby Reagan.
She was born about a month prematurely, but is doing well and putting on a healthy amount of weight! Praise God! 

Melodee and Josh are new parents. The love they have for Reagan is unbelievable. I love newborn sessions because I have the chance to talk with the parents about what they have learned in just a few days of having a first-born child. 

It is always fun to see who is celebrating their first father's day! Josh is one of those men. I love the images of just Josh and Reagan. Look at photo number 6...she is clinging onto him. In this photograph, I see Josh's never-ending love for his daughter. What a sweet moment! 

As for the family, Melodee and Josh are adjusting to life with a newborn.
Let's all pray that these two can find time to rest!