Jenelle and Nick Hostetter | Wedding - Springfield, MO

Jenelle and Nick proclaimed their love for one another about two months ago at San Diego California LDS (Mormon) Temple. Many of Jenelle's closest friends could not attend their wedding, so the Faria family put on a second reception in Springfield, MO. 

The reception was held at the Faria's lake house off Bull Shoals Lake. It was absolutely beautiful. From the "I love you because...." vows to the scenery, this reception was outstanding! 

Enjoy the photos while reading a little about Jenelle and Nick's history!  

"We first met on the first day of college in english class. Our first date to the movies to see Fury, a total boy movie."

- Jenelle

Nick asked Jenelle to be his girlfriend one cold December night! The rest was history!

"Nick's family has 3 younger sisters, his parents and a golden lab named Sadie. My family has 3 younger sisters, my parents and my golden retriever named Sadies with an S. We get a kick out of how Identical our families are!"

- Jenelle

"One thing about Jenelle that makes me smile is her lightheartedness."

- Nick

"One thing about Nick that makes me smile is his obsession to the gym and how much he loves taking care of his body, also how funny/goofy he is."

- Jenelle

"We LOVE to eat and get sushi, drifting when it snows, and going out to explore the town. A date day would be a day in the mountains."

- Jenelle

Jenelle and are managing WaterMill Cove Resort on the Lake right now.

"Our future plans is to go back to school in the fall, Nick complete his nursing degree and to get a puppy soon!"