Marin and Chandler | Engagement - Springfield, MO

It is the best when I get the opportunity to photograph sweet friends of mine! 

Marin and Chandler met at Kickapoo High School about 8 years ago. 
Through mutual friends, they started to get to know one another and began dating in December of 2013. Read a little bit about their relationship below! 


"When we began hanging out with our mutual friends, I was first attracted to Chandlers sense of humor. He was also persistent and charming, believe it or not! I also liked that he enjoyed doing activities, like playing frolf and sand volleyball."

- Marin

"Initially, I was attracted to her outer beauty, I soon realized how beautiful she was on the inside. Her faithfulness, grace, and love. That's when I found out I was hooked!"

- Chandler

"A few of our go to dates include going to Bambino's to eat (that's why they are catering our wedding!), playing frolf, going to Silver Dollar City/ The Landing and watching Netflix."

- Marin

What has been the best part about wedding planning?

"Planning the honeymoon of course! We are still trying to decide where to relax for a week after tying the knot, but we are so excited to be finished with all the wedding planning and to just be able to enjoy the company of each other at that time!"

- Marin and Chandler

I am so excited to photograph Marin and Chandler's wedding this upcoming October! Congratulations you two! You are just a few months away from your big day!