Katelyn and Jared Long | Wedding - Cleveland, TN

Everyone knows Katelyn and Jared as the "curly couple!" 

They met at Evangel University, and started dating a few years ago. Jared proposed at Pythian Castle near the school. With the help of his friend Michael, Jared captured the proposal on video! It was so sweet!

"Jared surprised me on a Sunday after church. I thought I was going to do Video Announcements for Evangel but then he walked up the steps of the Pythian castle and proposed."

- Katelyn

On June 4, 2016, these two tied the knot at Johnston Woods in Tennessee. This venue was so beautiful....but not as beautiful as Katelyn! 

Here's to Katelyn and Jared! I pray many blessings upon your marriage! 


Venue: Johnston Woods
Dress: Justin Alexander
Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang from Davids Bridal
Videography: Michael Muench Videography
Photography: Hannah Arnzen Photography


"I loved seeing her walk down the aisle. I couldn't believe I was marrying someone so flawless and after not seeing her all day, I was ready to just be with her."

- Jared

"My favorite part was walking down the aisle to Jared. I always imagined how that moment would feel and it was so much better than I created in my head. Oh, and seeing Jared become emotional was absolutely precious too!"

- Katelyn

"Being married to Jared brings on such a deeper and more intimate connection. I feel for the first time in my life that someone knows everything about me. We've also been trying to do new, adventurous things together, so we have other bonds keeping us connected as well. I also LOVE just kissing goodnight and going to sleep. It's so comforting and relaxing having him there."

- Katelyn

"Seeing Katelyn at every part of every day makes me love her more. I get to see so many different emotions and attributes she brings to the marriage. We know so much more about each other now. And she's the perfect wife, so it's easy to love her."

- Jared