Heidi and Sean | 1 Year Anniversary - Springfield, MO

Happy 1 year anniversary to my sweet friends HEIDI and SEAN! 

These two met at College of the Ozarks, began dating, and just celebrated their 1 year anniversary! One thing I love about Heidi and Sean are their joyful spirits! They are a humble and giving couple. I know the Lord will continue to bless their marriage for years to come. 

Let's get to these adorable photos!
Make sure to scroll through and read a little bit from Heidi and Sean about their relationship this past year.

Happy viewing! 

What do you like to do together when you have down time?

"We LOVE quality time! When we have time off, we love road trips, hiking, camping, explore flea markets, spend time with our families."

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

"Our dance. It was the first time that we were able to slow down and just look into each other's eyes, laugh, and take in the fact that we were actually married."

What have you two done in the past year to grow your relationship?

"We our constantly looking for ways to grow our marriage. This year we have grown so much in our communication skills. We attended a marriage retreat and we were encouraged to find that most of the things they were teaching, we had already implemented in our marriage. But after one year of marriage, I can honestly say that Sean and I are the closest to each other when we are both growing and thriving in our relationships with Christ."

What have you learned about Sean in the past year?

"I have learned that Sean is the most loving, forgiving, encouraging, compassionate man that I know. And he also despises doing the dishes, which works out great because he's a fantastic cooks and don't mind doing dishes after a delicious meal."

- Heidi

What did you do to celebrate your anniversary?

"For our anniversary, Sean got me flowers and we went to Olive Garden and reminisced about the past year. And then two weeks later, we took our anniversary cruise!!! So much fun!!!"

- Heidi

Have you started any traditions together?

"I'm not sure that we have laid out any traditions in stone, but we did buy our first real Christmas tree together. We do have a tradition we've been doing since we started dating. Every year, we drive down to Ponca, Arkansas to our tree, where we have carved something every year and have our time capsule buried with letters we've written to each other but have never read."

A HUGE "thank you" to the following vendors for making this photo session possible! 

Venue and Flowers: The Barn at Belamour
Tuxedo: Touch of Class Formals
Wedding Dress: Ella Weiss
Make-up: Logan Ashly