Andrea and Keaton | Engaged

Gosh! These two are perfect for one another! What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day then posting a blog of a beautiful couple in love???

Andrea and Keaton will be getting married this summer....and I CANNOT WAIT! If their engagement photos say anything about their wedding photos.....they might turn out to be my favorite images yet!

Read a little more about this super awesome couple by scrolling through the blog. Let's start with the proposal. Yes...let's do that! 


"On the day of our proposal I thought we were going on a double date with my best friend and her husband. We had planned this for months. We get to Silver Dollar City and the first thing Keaton wants to do is to check out the Chapel. I thought this was a little weird because he usually wants to go straight to the nearest roller coaster. We get to the chapel and I go inside and the first people I see are my parents. I look around, confused, and notice both of our families are there. Keaton walks me up to the alter of the chapel and proposes. It was such a special day!" - Andrea


What does Andrea do to make you laugh?

"Her goofy personality and sarcasm really makes me laugh." - Keaton


How did you meet?

"Call us modern day romantics, but we actually started talking on Tinder. This is not something I tell hardly ANYONE!!"

(We appreciate the honesty for the sake of the blog!)

"A friend of mine talked me into creating a account. I really was more amused by the app than anything. The people you see on there are so funny! Anyways, I noticed Keaton's picture and remembered him from high school. Both of our dads actually work together so thats how I knew him. His youngest brother, Kramer was actually in my grade. We exchanged phone numbers and went on a date that night! It felt so crazy to me but after the night ended something inside me knew he was special. We laughed and talked the entire date."


Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?

"This will be our second Valentine's Day together so we are continuing the tradition we started last year! We always get dressed up and go out to eat. Keaton is a wrestling coach so this time of year takes a lot of his time so going out like this is really nice so that we can have some one on one time. Keaton will usually send me roses to work on Valentine's Day and I will usually make him some cheesy gift that incorporates Star Wars (his favorite)." - Andrea

What has been the best part of wedding planning so far?

"The best part of wedding planning has just been experiencing it all and taking it all in!! I still can't believe we are getting married! I think my favorite part so far was getting my wedding dress (duh ). I still can't wait to put it back on! My wedding day is something I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl but the absolute best part is getting to do all of this with Keaton. He is everything I could ever want in a husband and more. He is so patient and loving. I feel blessed to share my life with him!!" - Andrea


A huge shout out to Andie Lewis for doing an amazing job on Andrea's makeup for their engagement session! You're a rockstar!