Hey, it's Jay!

Hi y’all, my name is Jaylee Branch! I am interning with Hannah Arnzen Photography and I could not be more excited! I am currently a junior at Missouri State University and I am majoring in public relations with a minor in journalism. There is such a wide range of career choice in the public relations field, so I decided to get my feet a little wet by working with Hannah and exploring the world of photography. 

 I have previous experience in the public relations field. I interned with the Athletics Communications Department at Missouri State University where I learned about all the statistics behind sports, I learned more about press conference, social media, filming videos and interviews, how to interact with clients, and I even did a little writing for the department when I wrote a few feature stories over the men’s basketball team! I also work for an academic summer program called Missouri Girls’ State (American Legion Auxiliary). The program hosts the best and brightest young women from Missouri for a week during the summer, who are about to enter their senior year of high school, and for a whole week they make up a mock state society with their own government, businesses, broadcasting/journalism, and law. I attended back in high school, and ever since I have returned back on staff every summer as a counselor. This year I am taking over all forms of public relation for the program and I could not be any more excited! 

 With that being said, some of you may be wondering, ‘well why did you want this internship?’ I am just so passionate about my future career field that I just want to soak it all up and get a bit of experience in all that it has to offer before I make a choice of exactly what to do after I graduate. Every internship and job that I have had in this field so far have all been so different. I can learn all kinds of different theories and communication strategies in the classroom, but nothing compares to hands on learning with well-developed professionals. I am beyond excited to work for Hannah and learn all that she knows, such as how she interacts with her clients, how she maintains and grows her business, her marketing skills, and maybe a couple tricks and how-to’s when it comes to photography!

 After graduation next May, I would love to move off to either Dallas or Houston (I LOVE Texas), Nashville, or back to my hometown of Kansas City. As of right now I am interested in working as a public relations specialist for an individual or for a business. Or even working in the public relations department for a school district or being a high school activities director.

Now a little more about my personal life rather than my professional life. I am from a small town outside of Kansas City, MO called Grain Valley. During my life, I have up and moved many times, I was born in Ohio, and then moved to the Kansas City area when I was in first grade, then we moved to Virginia Beach, VA for a couple of year, and then we finally moved back to Grain Valley when I was in sixth grade which is where I lived until I graduated. I have been down here in Springfield at MSU since I was a freshman. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart and will be getting married after I graduate next summer. My two best friends are my bestie since high school, Megan, and my freshman roomie Hayden. I have the cutest pup, a husky, named Athena. I also love to travel. My favorite place I have been would either be Jamaica or Austin, TX. Sports are a huge part of my life, I love the STL Blues, the Royals, and the Chiefs! I am in love with plants, right now living in an apartment I am stuck with only having succulents and a bamboo tree at the moment, but once I have a yard I hope to start my own garden. In my free time, you can catch me baking, swimming, or hiking.