Kylee Hopkins | Senior

Kylee is a senior at Bolivar High School. In fact, she is graduating early and only has a few months left until she is finished with school!

Kylee is absolutely adorable and has a funny sense of humor. I loved getting to know her better while taking her senior photos! Want to know a few fun facts about Kylee? Keep scrolling! 


What is your favorite high school memory?

"My favorite high school memory is probably junior year prom." -Kylee


What are your plans after graduation?

"My plans after graduation is going to OTC for 2 years and then transferring to MSU." -Kylee


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

"If i could travel anywhere in the world it would have to be Jerusalem." - Kylee


Do you have a nickname? If so, is there a story?

"My nickname is Kyle. I got that nickname from my great grandmother. One year she wrote me a birthday card and she thought my name was Kyle." - Kylee


"Senior" de Mayo! | Seniors 2018

Current JUNIORS!
It's never too early to start thinking about senior photos! 

I know what you're thinking!
You still have a few weeks left of junior year,
but I promise...
the summer is filled with fun in the sun, vacations, relaxation, and probably eating a lot of Pineapple Whip! 

This is the best time to start planning your senior photos before you head back to school in the fall. 

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we put together a "Senior de Mayo" shoot!

These 5 gorgeous ladies are all graduating in 2018!
I had so much fun photographing them...and I want to photograph you too! 

A special THANK YOU to all of the vendors who made this shoot possible!
Venue: Schaffitzel's Flowers and Greenhouse
Catering: The Wheelhouse 
Decorations and Event Planning: Mathews Weddings and Events
Succulents: Refine Studios
Jarritos: Latino Market
Hair: Samantha Mathews
Makeup: Skyler Ellison

Stevie and Parker | Engagement - Springfield, MO

"I knew I loved Stevie when we would spend every night at the library together and not even tell each other to meet there-- we just knew the other would be waiting. And we could talk and laugh with each other for hours and I would never get tired of being with her. I loved all of her qualities and ambitions."

- Parker

These two have become really great friends of mine! Parker and my husband, Kyle, have been friends since childhood. Thankfully, I met Stevie, and the four of us are now really close! Parker is hilarious! He is one of those people that you just want to be around! Stevie is a free spirit and an adventurous soul. She goes where the wind takes her! I was so honored to take their engagement photos...and so excited to celebrate their marriage in November! Want to read more? Keep scrolling!


What is a brief background of your love story?

"I found Stevie in a mutual friends basement, and it was dark so we couldn't see each other but we talked for a long time getting to know each other while everyone else was outside at the bonfire. Music was being played and we started slow dancing in the dark together and had our first kiss before I even saw her face. When we stepped out into the light I knew I was going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world, and she was satisfied enough with my looks because my personality made up for it. And that's how we met! and that's why we always call each other blind mice lovers."

(The real story)
"Stevie left her face wash at A mutual friends house and somehow that led to her to getting my number to ask for the face wash even though I didn't have the face wash. We got to know each other at the end of Stevie's freshman year through pulling all nighters, long boarding and taking long walks around Evangel's campus. We were shy and awkward, but we always managed to go on adventures together."

- Parker

"Our go to dates always involve food. We really love food... Especially Wingstop, tacos, pizza & donuts. Aside from nights snuggling while watching movies and shows off our ever growing list, we like to go on adventures in springfield and hang out at coffee shops."

- Stevie

"Parker is phenomenal at making up ridiculous songs, is extremely ticklish and loves candy more than life--all those things crack me up."

- Stevie

"Stevie makes me laugh when she does stupid funny things and when we sing in the car and she does her weird singing voice."

- Parker

"I'm looking forward to a life full of adventure and never knowing where we will end up together. I can't wait to see what we will be doing when we grow up, and we will always be together wherever that is."

- Parker

"I can't wait for the adventures. I can't wait to learn how to live daily life with him and get to know him better each and everyday. I'm excited to dream together and pursue those dreams together. I can't wait to travel the world with him by my side."

- Stevie