Sydney and Chris | Engaged

(I totally called him Steve during the engagement session...photographer FAIL!)


Let me tell you...these two are TROOPERS! We took their photos in 32 degree weather...downtown...in all the wind tunnels. That's Springfield for ya! Something that I love about these two is how EASY it was to capture genuine emotion, love and lots of laughs. 

You can tell that these two REALLY love each other. There's nothing better than photographing two people who want to be close at all times. 

We finished our session on Sydney's family property. She's rockin' that romper in 32 degree weather. It started snowing lightly...but not enough to see in the photo...SAD! 

On the flip side....there were a few llamas watching us shivering in the field. I bet they got a kick out of that. I also freaked out (maybe just a little...or a crap ton) when Sydney pointed them out to me. ;)

See some of my favorite photos from their engagement session below! 

Want to read a little about their relationship? Make sure to stop and read their QA's. 


What initially attracted you to Chris?

"We were on a mission trip in ATL with our campus ministry when we met. I’m from Springfield, but Chris was there with a school in DC. Through conversation I knew that Chris was super intelligent so that; and we were praying in a homeless shelter and after Chris prayed I was like “yep he’s the one”. He’s also pretty cute...so that too."

- Sydney

What initially attracted you to Sydney?

"Sydney has such a kind heart that is infectious to everyone who comes in contact with her."


Who said "I love you" first?

"Chris did. We were saying goodnight and he left but then turned around and came back to tell me!" 

- Sydney


What is unique about your relationship?

"We have been long distance for our entire relationship! We met in Atlanta, Chris lives in DC and I live in Springfield, MO. A couple of months after we officially started dating, Chris went to live in ENGLAND! (Which was awesome cause I got to go visit) Basically we are long distance pros, but ready to not be anymore!"


What do you love the most about Sydney?

"I love how much Sydney cares for those around her. Her passion for people really comes out when she talks about the impact she’s making in her students lives."



What do you love most about Chris?

"I love how much Chris loves me. That sounds silly, but he really loves me well, he cares more about me than pretty much anyone and I can totally feel that."


Chris is back in DC but the two are patiently counting down the days until their wedding day! They plan to travel to South France and Paris for their honeymoon!!! SO ROMANTIC!