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Kylee Hopkins | Senior

Kylee is a senior at Bolivar High School. In fact, she is graduating early and only has a few months left until she is finished with school!

Kylee is absolutely adorable and has a funny sense of humor. I loved getting to know her better while taking her senior photos! Want to know a few fun facts about Kylee? Keep scrolling! 


What is your favorite high school memory?

"My favorite high school memory is probably junior year prom." -Kylee


What are your plans after graduation?

"My plans after graduation is going to OTC for 2 years and then transferring to MSU." -Kylee


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

"If i could travel anywhere in the world it would have to be Jerusalem." - Kylee


Do you have a nickname? If so, is there a story?

"My nickname is Kyle. I got that nickname from my great grandmother. One year she wrote me a birthday card and she thought my name was Kyle." - Kylee


Mikaela and Colton | Engaged

Mikaela and Colton | Engaged

This couple!!! I love them! I am so excited to photograph Mikaela and Colton's wedding in April! For now, let's just get all googly-eyed over their engagement photos. Enjoy! 

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Jessica and Jackson | Engagement - Columbia, MO

I met Jessica about nine months ago at a friend's wedding! We recently reconnected in Columbia, MO for her engagement photos with Jackson.

These two are an awesome couple! Both Jessica and Jackson are intelligent and love learning. Jackson is enthused by historical events, and his knowledge of the world's history is astounding! Jessica is an elementary teacher. She has a huge heart for helping children succeed in school. 

Here are a few of my favorite images from their session! Enjoy! 

"I met Jessica during my junior year of college, at a mutual friends place. I was first attracted to Jessica's great smile and honestly mainly her smoking hot body."

- Jackson

"Jackson and I first met during college in 2011. He spent a lot of time at my neighbor’s apartment, which I visited for the occasionally party. After letting my roommate know that I thought he was cute, she told him! He then started talking to me at parties, and on Facebook Messenger. Eventually we went on a date and have been together ever since. Let’s be honest…I was initially attracted to Jackson’s red hair and freckles! I quickly learned that he is loyal and loving to the people that he cares about."

- Jessica

"Some of our interests are similar, but sometimes we compromise when choosing things to do together, which makes me interested in seeing his answer to this question. We enjoy going to the movies, spending time with friends, traveling to visit family, tailgating, going to concerts, eating (probably me more then him), and attending baseball games. Jackson always gives me a kiss after a touch down during a football game and a scored run during a Royals baseball game! Most of all we enjoy going for walks, and snacking while cuddling and watching movies on the weekend."

- Jessica

"The thing I love the most about Jessica is how much she truly cares about other people. Being a elementary school teacher takes more effort and patience than I could ever imagine. Especially when you truly care as much as Jessica does. To see how much it effects Jessica is amazing, if one of her kids is going through some bad stuff at home it really has an impact on her. She deeply cares for all of the students in her class and goes above and beyond the standard call of duty. Not only in her classroom but with her family, friends and myself Jessica puts so much thought into how others are feeling and what she can do to help."

- Jackson

"I love that Jackson has a big heart and that he is genuinely interested in the lives of others. When you talk to Jackson he really listens and he remembers what you’ve said so that he can talk to you more about it later. Jackson keeps me grounded and reminds me to enjoy the here and now. He is and will continue to be my best friend and companion for life."

- Jessica

"If I had to pick one place to visit. I would only be able to narrow down my list to two, Rome and Jerusalem. And the why? These places both have experienced some of the most important historical events that I am greatly interested in. The different spheres of influence that have made their mark on these two great cities would keep me busy for weeks."

- Jackson

"Jackson and I were just talking about potential honeymoon locations. The dilemma is choosing between a place on the beach and a place where we can sight see. I would love to go somewhere tropical to relax with a good book and drink by the water, but I would also like to keep busy at a place with a lot of history like Rome. I’m torn!"

- Jessica

The two will tie the knot next July. We are all so excited to see Jessica and Jackson start a new adventure together! Congrats to the happy and engaged couple!