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5 Poses to Practice Before Your Engagement Session

5 Poses to Practice Before Your Engagement Session
By Jaylee Branch and Hannah DeVries

1. Serious Face

Although most of your engagement photos will be super cute, happy, and fun...it is nice to throw in a couple serious faces. This can be intimidating on the spot, so make sure to practice in the mirror next to your loved one. If you are a super smiley person, it’s okay! We will capture it in a way where your eyes are still smiling!

2. Long Kiss

There will be a few pictures where the photographer will snap a kiss! Mhmm!! To make sure we can get the perfect shot, practice holding your kiss for 5-10 seconds. Sounds funny, but some people may find it awkward to kiss for a longer period of time in front of someone!

3. Gaze Into Each Other’s Eyes

It’s what we see in the movies…and all over Instagram! We are suckers for these shots! Here’s what you do! Snuggle up and bring your foreheads close together. Look in each other’s eyes as you're about to kiss. Try holding a gaze for about 5-10 seconds! If you catch yourself laughing…that is PERFECTLY FINE! We love these moments too. Get the gaze down and it can lead to some really swoon worthy, romantic photos. 

4. Snuggling Up to Each Other

Some of you love PDA and some of you hate it. Unfortunately the photographer needs you to be prepared to snuggle up! The closer you are physically…the better it comes across in photos! Remember! We are hoping to capture the chemistry between you two! Your engagement photos should express the love you share for one another and what better way to show that than being snuggled up!? Try holding on to each others arm, hugging and swaying or walking while bumping each other.


5. Twirling

This shot might not be for everyone…but it sure is fun! Heck! Go ahead and practice for your first dance. Some of my favorite shots are created from a slow dance.

Mailyn and Garett | Wedding

Mailyn and Garett tied the knot last September on a beautiful day. From the decorations to the dancing, everything about their wedding day was perfect. Something that I loved about their ceremony was that they used different colored mums to line the aisle. I wish you both the best! Here's to the beginning of a lifetime together. See some of my favorite shots from the Jeffries wedding below.


Venue: Belamour

Catering: Happy Chef

DJ: Live Events

Florist: Shannon's Custom Florals

Wedding Dress: Gracie's 

Bridesmaids Attire: Weddington Way


What did you get each other on your wedding day?

"He got me a rose gold diamond bracelet and I got him a very nice cowboy hat."


Why did you choose Belamour as your venue?

"Recommended by an acquaintance. First venue I looked at and immediately fell in love. It has everything a bride needs!"


What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

"Being surrounded by family and friends that are just so happy to be celebrating with you. Also, the moment I came down the aisle and saw Garett crying."


What is the best part of married life?

"Sharing EVERYTHING In your life with someone who truly loves you. Husbands still love you on your worst days."  


Where did you go on your honeymoon?